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Should you get Octo Posts?

As we all know trying to find a decent fence post these days is like looking for chicken teeth!! for some reason you just can't find posts that will last longer than 5 years anymore which is ridiculous!  So for most farmers, it's always a huge headache when you've just spent hundreds or even thousands of pounds installing a new fence or replacing an old one only for it to rot away in 5 to 8 years leaving you with yet another expense that you could have done without!  And for the majority of the time the wire is still in good working order but because of the time-consuming nature of trying to remove the wire from the rotting fence that's only been put in 5 years ago the wire gets thrown away along with the posts leaving you with yet more money to spend.
I was also in this situation at one time just a constant cycle of spending money on a new post to keep replacing old ones that have not been in the ground that long not even thinking about it!  Spending 100 pounds here 200 there until l I sat down and worked out exactly how much I was spending just on posts every year and it was frightening!  So I started to look around see what else I could find surely there must be something better out there? and I did!
I found the octo-post and they're better than anything else I have seen or tried yes there more expensive but when they come with a 25-year guarantee what have I got to lose? and when you spread the cost over that time it doesn't work out that much at all, the only thing was that there was no stockist where I live so I had to drive 3.5 hours there and back to go pick them up!
I have since put these posts in and I was so impressed with them I'm now replacing all my excising fences with these posts I have also started stocking these posts so that its easier for other people like me to get hold of these posts in the Warwickshire area and to supply farmers and contractors with a decent product that will last and do the job.
So if you're like me and your sick of poor quality fence posts then take the time to consider the benefits of going for a much higher quality post, they are more expensive to buy but spread that cost over 25 years and it really doesn't work out that much, buying the cheaper green posts will cost you a lot more over that period of time if there not even lasting 10 years!  If your changing a normal green post for £5.70 every 8 years that single post is costing you £17.10 over 24 years!!  Times that by 200 to 300 posts and your soon spending a lot of money on fencing.  Just remember cheaper is not always the best option! With that said I also understand that budget plays a huge part in most circumstances.
An image of a fence we built

The Good Points of octoposts

They're a good high quality product

They work out to be cheaper over 25 years

I would personally recommend them

I routinely use them myself as i like the quality and long term reliability of them

An image of a fence we built

The Bad Points of octoposts

They don't come as sawn timber

They come in all round sizes other than 5ft 6 length

Initially Expensive but over the 25 year guarantee there cheap

It can be difficult to keep the flat edge straight in rocky ground if your fixing rails/ not a problem for wire and netting.

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