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Lime & Fertiliser Spreading in Warwickshire

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Professional lime spreading in WarwickShire

If the soil becomes acidic, it will reduce crop yields. However, lime can help control the pH level, maintain microbial activity and prevent weeds—helping to reduce the soil's acidity and making it more fertile. At Stretton Spreading Ltd, we offer effective lime spreading solutions for agricultural clients in Warwickshire and can assure you that all of our products are excellent quality. We have a wide selection of products that include all types of farming supplies including fencing, fertilizers and more. 

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Why do you need to apply lime?

Unless action is taken to maintain the balance of soils by applying an alkali material such as lime there will be a natural reduction of lime in most soils. This will result in an increase in acidity and in most cases the reduction in soil fertility and damage to soil structure. Acidification in agricultural soil usually occurs as a result of nitrate leaching and the removal of plants. If you don't treat it at the right time, it will have a major impact on your agricultural productivity. Contact the experts at Stretton Spreading Ltd for affordable lime spreading services.

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